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Ages ago I graduated from college in with a BA in English Literature and a Studio Arts Minor. Yes, I know you can't DO anything with that, but it lead to a rather interestingly eclectic work career. I've worked in publishing, wrote for a magazine, became a daycare director, worked in Human Resources and as an Admin in the Engineering Dept of a software company, and finally worked my way into a cozy office with a view as the Director of Client Communications for a small company before ditching it all for the prestigious title of "Mommy".

Meanwhile, Paulo was busy graduating from M.I.T. with a BS in Computer Science and Theater Arts, writing a play, traveling the globe and running things. He's the brains of this operation, the travel and dining coordinator, and one of the funniest people I know. He keeps things lively and real.

We settled in New England and proceeded to have three kids. When our second was almost two we discovered that he had Celiac Disease, and from there we gradually wound up realizing that he wasn't the only one. By the time he was four, we would have four of the five of us diagnosed and on gluten-free diets. When our youngest was barely two, we received our first Autism diagnosis, a pattern that would also spread, although more slowly. By 2017, however, all three children would be diagnosed with spectrum disorders. We became one of *those* families, and a part of the larger autism community which would support and sustain us.

For eight years I home schooled Lexi and Spencer, an adventure that was by turns challenging, inspiring, delightful, and chaotic. It was perhaps one of my favorite adventures, pushing me to be better, do better, and live better every day. I loved it and agonized over it in equal measure.

But, to stay sane I needed other creative outlets that allowed me to see my progress and actually complete something (parenting is never done) so over the years I also taught myself to sew and knit, I carved out time to write, research (topics vary), and create in whatever way possible. Often with the kids.

Now that all three are in public school, I'm trying to turn to making full time, and have started my own little painting business. It's challenging in a whole new way to balance my time and the drive to grow this business with the needs of my busy, growing family, but it's an adventure I embrace. After all, this is the stuff of life, the hustle and bustle and mayhem of it all bubbling up around me every day. One day it will be quiet again, too quiet, and I will miss the madness. For now, I'm just trying to swim with the current, accept the spin of each eddy, laugh at the sky, and take in as much of the scenery as I can each day. Nothing lasts.


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