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January 02, 2010


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Nice article. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read someone else who "gets it" with regards to gluten intolerance...never mind Celiac Disease. It's so hard to believe that people would rather take a pill and continue to eat the way they do and just deal with the side effects as they occur rather than prevent the whole thing to begin with. We have all been gluten free since May of 2006 and I attribute our decent health record and unbelievable fertility to that. When we get some sort of virus it never knocks us down as badly or as long as everyone around us. And since my miscarriage in 2004, we haven't had any fertility issues considering we are surprisingly (definitely wasn't planned and was trying to avoid with NFP) looking forward to the birth of a 6th Ouellette this year!! :) We certainly see no point in ever introducing gluten into our family again! And the best part is, our kids are so little gluten free IS their life. They aren't missing out on anything! Great post! Email me or call me sometime I've been praying for you since our last phone call...!

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