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    My name is Leah, and this blog is where I come to gain perspective, share thoughts, stories, a few laughs, and pieces of our home with friends, family, and the occasional curious surfer. I love visitors here and I especially love feedback, so feel free to leave a comment before you move on!

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December 20, 2011


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I love you my have blessed my life in so many ways. I'm so glad our paths crossed and I look forward to sharing this path for many years to come. Thank you for this post...


Beautiful Leah, and a humbling reminder to be more present in what we do have.


Thank you, Michelle - I love you, too! You have blessed my life, and all of ours, tremendously. It is no coincidence that our paths crossed, you know. If anything, given all the parallels in our lives I'm almost surprised we didn't meet sooner!

Thank you, Eowyn! Sometimes I think I write to remind myself just that - to be present, and grateful.

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